my brain tumor:

A Mind Expanding Comedy


David Nathan Schwartz's medical mystery tour de force, My Brain Tumor: A Mind Expanding Comedy, comically recreates his experiences within the maze of medicine, a potentially deadly operation, losing his voice and finally reclaiming it and his life through yet another medical procedure.

In Hollywood California, at a casting call back, David Nathan Schwartz collapsed and tumbled down two flights of stairs. Rushed to the hospital he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which required immediate removal through surgery.

Following surgery Mr. Schwartz was left with a paralyzed and damaged vocal chord. Being an actor, teacher, director and general loquacious person Mr. Schwartz’s frustrations of not being able to communicate vocally brought him to channel his energies into a play attempting to capture the comedic and surrealistic experience of going face to face with death.

Less than a year following his operations MY BRAIN TUMOR: A Mind Expanding Comedy premiered in Los Angeles to exceptional reviews and awards for acting, direction and writing.

The show’s original production earned an LA Weekly Theatre Pick of the Week (citing "...Witty writing and a brilliant performance") and other critical kudos.

Subsequent productions were mounted and reincarnations followed at other theatres throughout Los Angeles and the United States, including and as diverse as a maximum-security prison, Brain Tumor support groups, and a Penn State Medical Center’s Women Health Week as part of “Her Heart’s Wish” which helps children and their families effected by cancer.

The play has been presented (with post play discussion) for medical students, staff and professors at the USC Keck Medical School and other medical school performances in Los Angeles and Tennessee.

Mr. Schwartz continues to act, tour his play, teach acting and workshops on creating one person shows and speak at organizations, medical schools and theatres.

       A Comedic pLay about a Brain Tumor?

Name: David Nathan Schwartz

Location:Los Angeles, California

Occupation:Actor, Teacher, Writer

favorite hero: In the land of the blind,a one eyed man is king.

Favorite anti-hero: Clint Eastwood

Our story begins...

“Better a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy”